Riley and Sam Finn (rileyandsamfinn) wrote in sunnydale_socks,
Riley and Sam Finn

Hello again.

It feels good to be home again. Home of course being in the 'States after months overseas conducting operations. The brass finally opted to recall me and Sam back home. We spent the last few months in Virgina dealing with things...

//Firewalled against all but me.//

I used to wonder what working in the Pentagon was like, if it was as interesting as I heard it was. I couldn't have been more wrong, the brass spends so much time fighting paperwork, it's a wonder they manage to get anything done. Unless of course it's a rare case where orders from on high cut thru the red tape, such as with my current assignment.

Ever since, we reported multiple Slayers in locations across the globe, the tone and wording of our communications with the higher ups has changed. I was only recently briefed on a large scale incident in Los Angles involving a law firm that was at least viewed as 'shady'. When I asked for more info regarding that event, I was politely told to keep quiet and stay 'ready for further operation field operations'.

'Further field operations' turns out to be working on what appears the most active nexus for demonic activity: Cleveland, Ohio.

Preliminary reports indicate that old friends and enemies are already there.

//end Firewall.//

Sam's sacked out, she's exhausted after a long day of moving into our new place. I think I'll be heading to bed myself.
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