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Behold! I am with you! Live and in color!

You know, I was sick of my journal name looking like Buffy's journal name, because you know, I'm my own person, with my own special shininess and...and...no, this isn't a teenage identity crisis. Okay, maybe it is. Nonetheless, I bought a rename token, because I'm looking to get back to my roots. Or something. I used to be all "Blah! Shiny special green key thing!" I wanted to have something to remember that time by, so I made this user handle. The whole "of doom" thing is mainly due to my very fierce kicking skills in heels, and well, it looked better than "shinykeyofplaid" or "shinykeyofangstypants" (which, by the way, is too long of a handle) or even "shinykeyofshininess" I settled on doom. That's me. I'm doomtastic. I'm also making up words again. I hang around Buffy to much, I'm telling you...

The other day, I asked someone at the theater if they wanted to "come with" to get butter for the popcorn. "Hey, movie theatre employee with a name I don't remember? Want to come with?" said I. She got very upset. "Come where?" "Come....with?" Repeat over course of 10 minutes. So yes, I must watch my English...or else doomtastic will enter the Slayer lexicon and once those new Slayers pick up a word, there's NO way they'll let it go. They were saying "vam-PYRE" for a week after Andrew's documentary last year. Sheesh.

I'm going to go pine artistically over making pictures of my shiny fabulousness into JPEG image things. This may require chatting up Willow for a tutorial...

So refriend me, people. I don't want to have to show you why they call me doomtastic shiny plaid very dangerous over short distances.
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