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Look at them. The Slayer and her friends. Angel and his people. The Charmed Ones. The forces of evil have challenged them time and time again, only to ultimately fail. There have been losses, but good has eventually prevailed through all obstacles.

But watching them, it sometimes seems the most pain and discord in their lives comes not from without, but from within. They hurt and scar one another in the name of love. It makes them week, vulnerable. And I will exploit this.

On the eve of this day of love, amplified by the day of ill fortune, I invoke chaos. Let their feelings be twisted. Let their emotions be mistaken. For one day, love's targets shall be misguided. When the day ends, they shall have to deal with the pain and embarrassment and the hurt they have caused one another.

They will be easy prey then. And evil will finally triumph. These champions will finally fall.

Let it begin.
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