Water Cooler Vengeance (__you_wish__) wrote in sunnydale_socks,
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What a long, strange trip its been...

Right. Well. Last time you heard from me, I was trapped in the bowels of Hell Disneyland. All attempts to rescue me were unsuccessful.
Everyone has their limits, and they managed to find mine.
I was brainwashed by Disney. Completely and utterly brainwashed.
I've spent the last few months at a Demon Deprogramming Camp, and now I'm back.
And I must say, I am extremely displeased at the state of things in Arashmaharr . There is much recruiting to be done, and it appears that I am the one to do it.


All mention of anything related to, and any music and/or movies from Disney, are banned from this office until further notice. It apparently is my trigger. I don't care for it.
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